During depression the world disappears. Language itself. One has nothing to say. Nothing. Kristin experienced this misery, yet still managed to touch many lives and even in death continues to help others find help for their depression.
The Kristin Brooks Hope Center was created to help those in crisis find help and hope immediately. The site and her story gives you a raw, personal glimpse into depression, and how it affects those around you. In addition, you will find the only clear, step-by-step path for you to follow out of the darkness. There is hope and you can feel happy again! If you need to speak with someone right now call: 1.800.442.HOPE

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The Uncomfortable Truth:
Men and Suicide

It is a common belief that depression and suicide are problems only women encounter. Although women are more likely to become depressed, men are susceptible to feelings of hopelessness and suicidal thoughts. They also have a higher suicide mortality rate. Symptoms, causes and treatment for depression and suicide also differ between men and women men than for women. In order for men who are affected by depression to receive the help, it's important for them and their loved ones to be aware of the warning signs.

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September Newsletter from IMALIVE.org

Suicide Prevention Week

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Kristin Brooks Hope Center 2012 Achievements

We are celebrating another year of great accomplishments! Since our launch in 1998, over 6 million callers have been routed to help and hope through our National Hopeline Network. Thanks to your continued support, our devoted volunteers are making a difference every day, during every hotline and chatline shift. In 2012, our free and confidential hotlines, like our Veterans Peer Hotline 1-877-VET2VET , helped route over 36,000 calls to a trained crisis line volunteer located closest to the caller in desperate need of emotional support.

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IMALIVE Volunteer of the Month - Michaela B.

Why I Am an IMAlive Volunteer

Click to donate! I've met so many people from so many different places and I've developed an extreme appreciation of life in every form. I think everybody deserves love, without exception. I also believe that every single person changes the world they live in and we should try to change things for the better, not just for us, but for everybody. Anybody can make a difference if they want to. Whether you save a spider or a human life, you change the world with your actions. People can change their own lives too if they just see that they have the power. The people in my life have empowered me and I have taken advantage of my opportunities to travel and learn about the world. Now I would like to give back to humanity for every beautiful thing I have seen, tasted, felt, heard, or experienced. I hope to empower others to do whatever it is that would make their experience on earth fantastic. I hope to change the world in a positive way. .
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Support our Veterans!

World news: Last U.S. combat team has just left Iraq. Our deepest gratitude goes to the military men and women who have spent months and years defending our homeland. They are finally coming back home.

KBHC has partnered with the Veterans Support Centers of America to manage the Veterans Transition Assistance Center which is the first Veteran women's shelter in the State of Maryland which allows children. The grand opening is expected on August 1st 2013. On May 23rd KBHC founder Reese Butler was a speaker at the 25th Annual Convention of Order of the Purple Heart held at the Carousel in Ocean City MD. Jerry Black the CEO of the Veterans Support Centers of America was the keynote speaker at the annual awards banquet with Lt. Col. Donald Hawkins of the US Marines. In honor of Memorial Day they spoke of what this day means to each active duty soldier and officer. It is as much to honor those that have fallen as it is to honor those who overcame their fears to march on into battle giving strength to those that follow to do the same.

Sadly, many of the veterans have post-traumatic stress disorder and won't be able to adjust back to civilian life.

If you are a veteran or you know someone who came back from active duty and has trouble with memories and experiences of the war - please call our hotline at
1-877-VET-2-VET (1-877-838-2838).

If you are a veteran, and would like to support your fellow combatants by providing a few hours of online support every month , please email volunteer@hopeline.com . We provide free training and it will help dozens of men and women heal and go back to daily activities with their loved one.

For only 33¢ a day support our hotlines and help train peer to peer veteran volunteers .

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